Big news! The Creative Ink Festival will return!

Everyone loved the 2016 Festival, yet at the end there was some question as to whether I’d be able to continue with the event. Then, we got help. A huge THANK YOU to Calgary World Fantasy for providing a grant to help cover 2016 operations costs and thereby making it possible for the festival to move forward so everyone can have a great experience again next year!

Rob and Randy
Keynote Speaker, Robert J Sawyer and presenter and Chairman of When Words Collide, Randy McCharles

That said, we have the official dates for 2017! The Creative Ink Festival will take place March 31-April 2nd, 2017, once again at the Delta Burnaby Hotel and Conference Centre. We’re so excited we get to host this great event again.

Presenter and Sponsor, JM Landels and presenter, Devon Boorman

With the decision to host a 2017 event comes a request for help. It’s extremely difficult for volunteer organizations to be successful without the aid of volunteers and sponsors. Thanks to everyone who helped out last year and a big thank you to Kristene Perron for the fabulous photos from 2016. Check out more of them in our Gallery here on the blog! If you’re interested in being  sponsor, presenter, volunteer, attendee or all of the above, please email me at

Setsu and Me
Presenter Setsu Uzume with volunteer, presenter and photographer, Kristene Perron